White Bread Ale Yeast (WLP017-HB)

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  • White Bread Ale Yeast (WLP017-HB)

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Type: Ale
Form: Liquid
Attenuation: 70.00 %
Min Temperature: 66.0 F
Flocculation: High Max Temperature: 70.0 F
Size: 0.00 ml Times Cultured: 0
Add To Secondary: FALSE Max Reuse: 5

Best For: English style ales, milds, bitters, porters, and English ales as well as some North Amreican ales
Notes: Traditional mixed yeast culture. British style character, slightly fruity, with a hint of sulfur production. This yeast can be used for many different beer styles. The most traditional choices would be English style ales including milds, bitters, porters, and English style stouts. North American style ales will also benefit from fermentation with WLP017. The beer will clear easily.

 Available in 35ml packs.


 BBD 09/07

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