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Kentucky Bourbon Yeast (WLP070-HB)

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Product Description

From a traditional distillery in the heart of Bourbon country, this strain produces a caramel, malty character with balanced ester profile. Suitable for Bourbon or other American Whiskey with barley, rye, or corn as the base grain. Used in high-gravity beers.


 Available in 35ml packs.





"070 YEAST"


By: ken mars | Date: May 10, 2015 | Beer(s) Brewed: imperial stout


just used this yeast for an imperial stout, on the transfer to the secondary had a sample and tasted delicious.added whiskey chips soaked in bourbon. going to let sit for a few months then rack on about 6 lbs of raspberries. cant believe that there are no reviews on this yeast. i think its a great one

 Best before date June/08/17

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